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Summary Wikipedia: i Pod

The i pod article i chose to edit received the least amount of attention. There was so much information on it that i struggled to edit it once. The edit i did make was an attempt at telling some of the technologies that other companies have made in order to adapt to the i Pod. It was sadly but surely quickly removed.

Summary Wikipedia: AC Cobra

My edits for the shelby cobra were very difficult. The people that watch that article are extremely into their cars. They would not allow a little peon like myself come into there territory and screw with their wikipedia. Oh well, here is what i tried to add to the world of cobra lovers. My first edit for the cobra attempted at telling the world about the communities that these cars establish. It didn't fair too well and i thought that was my best edit. Oh well, what are you going to do. My next edit was another failed attempt at supplying information on the future of the cobra. I was a little over my head when i began editing this article. my knowledge on the topic was far less then that of the people watching it.

Wikipedia Edit: Snowboarding #3

My final edit for the snowboarding article was the first one that i screwed up. I made an edit without signing in. I went back and edited my edit. This edit i made changed a tip for beginners.

Summary Wikipedia: Snowboarding

I decided to edit the snowboarding article on wikipedia because it is my favorite sport. I am very knowledgable on it and definitely had some things to add. My first edit talked about the safety precautions that are considered to prevent avalanche deaths. This is edit still stands today!! My second edit for the snowboarding article concentrated on the filming industry. Film is such a huge player in the industry it needed to be on the wiki. This edit still stands also, i guess my editing capabilities aren't as poor as i thought. My final edit made a change in the tips that the article gave to beginners. The snowboarding article is pretty good but i feel there will be much more to add to it.

Summary Wikipedia: Red Robin

I decided to edit Red Robin's wikipedia article for the simple reason that i worked there. It was an extremely enjoyable place to work. I learned a little bit about the company throughout my editing of its article. My first edit mentioned the 4 core values that Red Robin employees follow. This is one of the few edits i made that actually still stands today. My second edit of this company added their featured drink on the menu. It is an expensive version of lemonade but it sells well. My last edit of Red Robin mentioned a little something I learned about the history of the restaurant. This was actually the most interesting thing i learned about the company. Overall this was my most successful article to edit because the majority of what i wrote is still there.


Personal Branding

I just read an interesting post on the Naked Conversations blog that mentioned the use personal branding these days. It is amazing to me where information about people can be found and how that information is used. the post talked about how companies and universities are now using google and other forms of search to learn about potential candidates. My question to this article is, is the information found accurate? I mean, i can take stuff i learned in this class and use it to my complete advantage. For instance, i am currently looking for a job. I can use search engine optimization and other things to make the search that these intitutions conduct go to direction i want. I can pretty much set it up and show them what type of person i am, or would it be what type i person i want them to think i am. I just hope that they don't rely on these personal searches to make decisions. There is absolutely too much ambiguity in it. It it were me conducting the search, I would take everything i learn with a grain of salt. I remember my father telling me "Don't believe everything you read."

What Are Businesses Still Reluctant to Accept?

James Cherkoff had a post on his blog that i found extremely intriguing. He talked about an interview with David Weinberger that basically stated that companies still continue to place themselves on a pedistal. They believe that they are all knowing and all powerful, when they are actually equal to, if not below the consumers. Consumers today seem to know more and more about everything. A good example of this is one that we talked about in class, and that is the success of new movies. A new film can be subject to great success or great failure just in minutes after its premier. People talk and people listen, companies need to get off their horses and take lessons from the population. We are much more intelligent consumers these days and tactics used in the past just don't seem to cut it anymore. As we learned from James Cherkoff, the new ways to market to consumers must be utilized to bring us what we want.


Wiki Edit: AC Cobra #2

I got a little over my head with this wiki edit. My first edit was completely scraped off the page and i thought it was a good one. I guess i don't know nearly enough about these cars to contribute to such a knowledgeable group. I tried anyway and this is what i came up with. I found a mistake in a brand name given to a newer version of the car so i changed it. I also found that they produced a special version of the body that was absent from the encyclopedia. I will struggle to edit the final two posts, i just hope one of the enthusiasts editing the wiki article doesn't come after me for screwing with the car's reputation.


These Guys are Good

I really don't have one blog to comment on from our required blogs list but i am going to make a general comment i noticed from reading them. THESE GUYS ARE GOOD! They blog about everything and they link to everything. i sometimes wonder if they are attempting to optimize their rank on google or something. I feel like i am becoming a better blogger every time i post something. But i still need some work if i plan on making it a good part of my future whereever i end up. I am always thinking of ways to make blogging useful for certain companies, i.e. my father's business and one's that i work for. To me not all companies can make good use of this fabulous tool, but maybe it is just that i am a rookie.


Today we had a guest speaker from which was very interesting. Lou Honick is the CEO that came to speak to us. I was most intrigued by the pure size of the web hosting industry. The fact that Lou has to compete with upwards of 20,000 other companies is astronomical. I mean when we learn about beating competition in our classes we usually only consider 3,4, or 5 other companies. It seems that the main reason Lou and HostMySite has been so successful is that they are very true to their mission, which is purely customer service. Anyone, as lou put it, can host a site. But it takes a good strong company to actually keep customers in such a volatile area of business.

This presentation has enlightened me to the shear size of the internet. We all know that it is big, but can it be put in words. I don't think so because obviously it is ALWAYS growing. Lou hopes to reach close to 2000 plus new customers every month. He is just one company also. It is never ending, and in my eyes a great place to be for a company like HostMySite. Congrats to the hardwork Lou and his partner Neil has done and Good Luck! Maybe i will get a job with them. That is another concern.

Wiki Edit: Red Robin #3

When doing this wiki edit i learned something i didn't previously know about the gourmet burger joint. It was founded by a barber shop singer who could always be heard singing a song about red robin. He then changed the name of the restaurant from Sam's Tavern (the owner's name was sam) to Red Robin. I guess the place still has the feel of going around and singing some songs. I mean I do it while im working there. Sam and i must have something in common. Ha!

Wiki Edit: Snowboarding #2

My second edit on snowboarding concentrated on the evolution of filming in the industry. If anyone has seen a snowboard video, there is no doubt that you had to say "wow." The things professional snowboarders can do is amazing. Every year they push the limits and somehow they are able to out do the previous year's videos. I have attempted to make videos of my self snowboarding, but when i watch them i am not very impressed. It isn't that i am a bad rider, i just lack the style and amplitude to make the video clip exciting. oh well! If you want to take a look at a trailer to a video go here and then click on movies and then view trailer. Its pretty sweet!


Wiki Edit: AC Cobra

I decided to edit the wiki on the Shelby Cobra because my father has one, and these things are the balls. His has a little over 500hp to the wheels (which is a hell of a lot for those of you that don't know), and the body is made of fiberglass. The thing is extremely light and exceptionally fast. He is actually on his second Cobra because his first one was destroyed in an arson fire. The car was his "baby". Insurance was good to him so he was able to get a new one. My father joined a Cobra Club and when they heard about his car they were more then accomodating. It is really a great thing to see these people, connected because of their interest in the same automobile, offering my father everything from a full truckload of furniture to letting him stay in their house. My edit was a small addition about these Clubs. I don't really know enough to add alot of insight on the car but i have dont the best i could. I will see if it holds up i guess.

Wiki Edit: Red Robin #2

I chose to edit the Red Robin wiki because i work there. I now realize that it is not an exciting thing to inform people about. Everytime i edit a wiki i try as hard as i can to keep it formal, but i want to ramble on about how good a certain burger is. If everyone did that wikipedia would be filled with opinions. No Good! So anyway i added a little blurp about a featured drink. Take a Look. Red Robin.

Blogging Ethics Movement

I just read a blog posted on the Diva Marketing blog about determining a standard of ethics for blogging. Womma (Word of Mouth Marketing Assoc.) is having a free public teleconference to inform people on how to blog right. DuPont is the first F100 to adopt the code Honesty ROI (Honest disclosure of Relationship, Opinion, and Identity).

This just proves that blogs are getting pretty big, especially in the business world that we are all preparing to enter. As we talked about in class the other day, blogs are transitioning from the innovator's to the early adopters. I don't know about everyone else but I like the fact that I am an early adopter, and I fee itl is just going to become an even larger part of our everyday life.

This Code of Ethics will put many of the doubters to the side and help invite more people into the blogosphere. The more people blogging the more valueable our knowledge of blogs will become. I plan to bring blogging with me whereever I end up.


Lauren's blog about Mc D's

Lauren blogged about an article she read that relates perfectly with our speaker James Cherkoff (I think). This article mentioned McDonal's move to bring their customers in and make them a part of the global packaging. James' entire presentation was about open source marketing, and this is exactly what this is. I find it really funny that as soon as i learn about something like open source marketing or even blogging, i start to hear about it everywhere i go.

Wiki Edit: Snowboarding

I decided to edit the wikipedia article on snowboarding because I love this sport. The article is pretty vague so I decided to include some more information on mountain safety. My edit talked about the importance of avalanche prevention. Avalanches are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Ski Patrol will go up to the top of the mountain and place dynamite in spots that are suspicious. These explosives will then trigger a slide and in turn that avalanche can no longer occur when people are skiing on it.